Product Highlights
  • Affordable camera for remote observation of monitoring sites
  • Integrates with Geolux SmartObserver datalogger
  • Compatible with HydroView software
  • Included IR reflector for night mode
  • Takes periodic snapshots of monitoring sites for remote inspection
  • Used to detect ice buildup or accumulation of sedimentation and driftwood
  • Can take snapshots of staff-gauge to give re-assurance of radar-based water level readings
  • Included in Geolux HydroStation integrated hydrological monitoring station
Product Description
The Geolux HydroCam is affordable camera that is easily integrated with Geolux's range of hydrological products to provide picture from the monitoring site. In order to reduce battery usage and to lower GPRS data usage, the camera sends snapshots periodically. Having the ability to remotely see the monitoring site is extremely useful. If there is an anomaly in water level readings, it is easy to check whether the anomaly is caused by, for example, ice buildup, and there is no need to go to remote site as the ice will melt, or if the problem is more serious.
For some of our clients it is important to have a photo of the staff gauge as a method to verify that radar-based water level readings are correct, and as a redundant method for water level measurement. The Geolux HydroView software that receives data from remote hydrological stations contains an automatic image processing module, which can automatically read staff gauges and detect ice and debris buildup on the channel.