LX-80 Radar Level Meter

Product Highlights
  • Contactless measurement of distance from the sensor to the surface
  • Works on water, ground, most fluids and most solids
  • For environmental and industrial applications
  • Measurement up to 8, 15 or 30 meter distance
  • Ultra-precise 80 GHz radar technology
  • Measurement accuracy +/-2 mm
  • Output rate 1 or 10 samples per second, depending on the model
  • Measurement quality not affected by changes in air temperature or density
  • Simple installation
  • IP68 rated enclosure
  • Supports a variety of communication interfaces
  • Configurable range of interest
  • Compatible with Geolux SmartObserver datalogger and Geolux HydroView cloud-based software for real-time remote monitoring
  • Low power consumption
Product Description
An LX-80 is a radar-based level sensor designed for precise, non-contact measurement of the level of various fluids and solids. It was designed to work both in environmental monitoring applications (for hydrological measurements) and in industrial applications. LX-80 comes in three versions: 8 meter, 15 meter and 30 meter version. The radar operates in the W-band (in the range between 77 and 81 GHz), which ensures high accuracy and allows multiple radars to operate close to each other, without mutual interference.
For high-temperature industrial applications (such as monitoring the level of molten metals or glass in industrial furnaces), we can offer the sensor in an air or water cooled enclosure to withstand environmental temperatures of up to 1600°C.
Geolux has over 10 years experience in development of hydrological monitoring applications, and LX-80 was developed from the ground up to work exceptionally well for monitoring the water level in rivers, lakes and sea. Unlike other radar level sensors that were initially developed for industrial applications and later adjusted to work in environmental monitoring applications, LX-80 is both a hydrological instrument and an industrial sensor.
Geolux offers customization of LX-80s on request. We can change the antenna beam width, resultion and accuracy, the maximum detection range, and add various post-processing options on request. If LX-80 does not entirely fit your requirements, please contact us.

Hydrological Monitoring

LX-80 series of radar-based level meters offer extreme accuracy for non-contact measurement of water level in lakes, rivers and seas. Simple installation above the water surface enables rapid deployment, and ensures operation with minimal mainteinance. The radar sensor operates in the 80 GHz frequency band, so it is not affected by changes in air temperature and density (unlike ultrasound level sensors).

Industrial Applications

The Geolux LX-80 radar level sensor perfectly fits various industrial applications where precise, non-contact, level measurement is required. LX-80 can measure the level of various fluids and solids, and deliver real-time measurements over industry-standard data interfaces. We also offer specialized versions of the sensor on request, such as the sensor inside a water or air cooled enclosure for use in high-temperature furnaces.
Detailed Specifications


Radar Type
W-band 77-81 GHz FMCW radar
Beam Angle
5° both axes
Detection Distance
8 m / 15 m / 30 m
0,5 mm
+/-2 mm
IP Rating

Electrical & Mechanical

Power Input
9 to 27 VDC
Power Consumption
normal 0,36 W; standby 0,15 W; sleep 0,03 W; extended 0.6 W
Maximal Current
< 470 mA
Temperature Range
-40°C to +85°C
(without heating or coolers)
Device Outer Dimensions
φ 65 mm x H 78 mm


Serial Interface
1 x serial RS-485 half-duplex
1 x serial RS-232 (two wire interface)
Baud Rate
1200 bps to 115200 bps
Serial Protocols
Modbus/RS-485, GLX-NMEA
Other Interfaces
SDI-12 (with adapter), Analog 4-20 mA